Tuhan Mulialah NamaMU- For You Are Glorious

Tuhan Mulialah Nama-Mu
O Lord How Beautiful You Are

Tinggi Mengatasi Langit Biru
Your Love Higher Than The Heavens

Kuduslah Tuhan, Ajaib Jalan-Mu
Holy Are You Lord, Perfect All Your Ways

Kukagumi Karya-Mu
And I’m So Amazed With You

Engkau Yang Termulia, Anak Domba
For You Are Glorious, Lamb Of God

Yang Duduk Di Tahta Berkuasa S’lamanya
Who Was And Is And Is To Come Is Majesty

Kemuliaan Tuhan Penuhi Bumi
Your Glory Fill This Place Over All The Earth

S’tiap Lutut Bertelut, S’tiap Lidah Mengaku
That Every Knee Shall Bow, And Every Tongue Confess

Yesus Kristus Tuhan
That Jesus Christ Is Lord


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